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The love revolution is a movement to bring about a transformation of our communities by mobilizing and inspiring individual citizens, churches, community and government agencies to work together to create opportunities to improve the quality of life of every citizen by acting in each other’s best interest at all times, so that we will be able to live in peace and harmony with each other, thus fulfilling our purpose in life.

Strategic Goals



The love revolution will seek to mobilize our communities to identify and meet the needs of those among us who are the most vulnerable such as our children and youths, seniors, the homeless and single parents



The Love revolution will utilize mass media and social media platforms to bring a level of awareness to our communities of the necessity of every person to begin to act in the best interest of each other so that there will be an overall improvement in the quality of life of every person.



The Love revolution will mobilize individuals to collaborate with existing community stakeholders such as churches and community organizations to identify and meet needs that are in the community. 

Renford Jeffery

Founder of The True Love Revolution

Renford Jeffrey worked as a registered nurse with an extensive experience in mental health and addictions in Canada and Jamaica for over 35 years.

He grew up in the inner-city communities of Kingston, Jamaica where he overcame extreme circumstances which placed him at risk. He resided in Canada for 30 years and is currently residing in Jamaica. 

He has volunteered extensively in neighborhoods across the greater Toronto area in Canada, and in Kingston.  Jamaica where he conducts seminars for adults working with children who are at risk.

He targets children and youth who are at risk and attaches a high value to them through motivational talks and special events such as banquets and award ceremonies.


We are living in a world where the greatest need is for true love. Unfortunately, because of the hurt that we have experienced in our past, we have a very distorted concept of love and this has affected our ability to experience true love and express it to others around us.

The same manner in which oxygen is essential to the existence of the planet, God’s love is very essential for the orderly functioning of the world and it’s a necessity in every human interaction. 

More than anything else, God has commanded us the love in the same manner in which he loved us and we are even called to love our enemies.

This seems to be a very daunting task until we realize that what’s expected of us is that we should always act in the best interest of others, even if we disagree.

Life is about relationships and the more that we engage each other in meaningful ways, this will bring about a personal sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for others, thus leading to a better world.

Selfishness and the preoccupation with the needs of oneself, has caused us to lose out on many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others, particularly those who are the most vulnerable and needy among us.

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